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Nora Lopez Eng. 28 Dr. Swerdlow 02-25-2014 Older Returning Student to College New generations are welcome back to college older students as well. As a Counselor of ELAC, I would like to help students who struggle with the transition to college life. Many older students feel that being older it makes it harder to adjust to college. My job is to inform you of many ways to make your college years enjoyable and not stressful. Sometimes we think its hard especially when we’re older because we think college is for young people. Whoever thinks this way is absolutely wrong! College is for everyone. Older students bring motivation and maturity to the classroom. They understand how to combine classes and work. They’re more organized, and also have a better point of view. In the Counselor Department we will help you and guide you to overcome difficulties you may face. Returning students should not be discouraged. It´s always good to talk about our feeling such us financial help and to manage your time between family responsibilities, and how manage your time for school hours, homework, and family time. We will help you manage your emotions and how to overcome difficulties, and choose good ways to release them. We have experience in helping students since many of our counselor where older students too when they decide to go back to school. By following our advice you will finish your goal in less time. There are the three important things you will receive from us help, guidance and support to the appropriate resources that provide the necessary support to succeed in college. We all know that entering college is a whole new experience which changes our lives. This new experienced can be frightening especially for older students because most of them had financial responsibilities and family. They even know that studying gives them the opportunity to secure a better job,

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