A Break or Not a Break: the Period After High School

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A Break or not a Break: the period after high school In most curriculums it is arranged that students should take time off in the period after they are through with high school. Different students would prefer going into college directly while others would appreciate if there was a break between the periods of joining college. However, both the two positions have their strengths and weaknesses which should be looked into keenly before a decision is made. Students should be permitted to join colleges immediately they are through with high school. This is because; they are still conversant with their books therefore in the mood to read. They can easily grasp what they are taught because they are still in touch with school work and realize that they are students. If they were allowed some time off school, some tend to forget and lose interest in their books. It has been noted for instance that some students end up not attending the colleges because by the time the break ends, they tend to have lost interest for study. Joining college immediately also reduces the time wasted and the period of completing college prolonged. If minimized, one is able to finish school fast, get a job and focus on other things in life like investment. It also enables one to advance in their education while still young so as to give room for other advances in life. It would be difficult to pursue such if time would be wasted after completion of every level of education. When students attend colleges immediately, they are kept away from the world of crime that many youth tend to get into due to being without a job. During this time, it is normally difficult for the students to get jobs because they are not qualified enough. They end up having a lot of free time which they waste by either getting into crime or joining bad company which results to drug addiction and premature sexual

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