Analysis Of The Essay 'Is College For Everyone' By Pharinet

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Kendrick Watts Moyer English 1020- 026 10 February 2014 Is College Really for Me…?? In the essay “Is College for Everyone” by Pharinet, discusses that it’s not mandatory to attend a college institution to obtain a well-paying job. In the beginning of the essay Pharient refrains to a statement that students hear every day, “You want get anywhere without your education (635).” This is a statement that many teachers and parents repeatedly preach to their child since they were kindergartener’s. Pharinet also explains in a reasonable tone, that having a college degree doesn’t always bring success in most students’ life. Mainly because, students are not properly preparing themselves to what seems to be the “real world”. With the extreme cost of books, food, gasoline, rent, and other expensive supplies rapidly increasing in prices, causes students to obtain a stressful college lifestyle. This causes many students…show more content…
We were all somehow exposed to different backgrounds, as well as lifestyles. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the statement “Is College for Everyone” doesn’t imply to certain people who were raised to think otherwise. However, Pharinet seems to think that most kids should consider not going to college at all. Pharinet went on to explain how most students will find themselves working full-time jobs to help pay the expenses of college, in result their grades begins to drop. Then the student decides to drop to a part-time worker, register for less class hours to find more time to work on improving their grades. But what they soon fail to realize, is that now they will have to hold off on graduation a little longer. Also there are other students who just can’t afford the expenses of college, so they may end up dropping out before they even reach the second semester. These are all real examples of what many college students go through, across the

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