Drop Out of College

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Today there are a lot of people who drop out of college or university. One of the most common obstacle for studying at college might be a new job. There are many people who start going to a university or a college and they perform very well but one day they get a job and it affects their studying. So, why do students look for a job then? They need money of course and an independent life. Some students can’t wait until they graduate they want fast money or maybe they get into some kind of emergencies. They go to work drop their studying due to lack of time. They earn some money for a while but if they are fired it’s usually very hard to find a new job because they have no degree. There is one friend of mine named Dan who went to a university after high school. He was a good and capable student, but when he finished his forth semester he really wanted to buy an expensive luxury car for himself so he started looking for big money and he found a very good well-paying one. It was a full-time job so he dropped out of the university. He bought a great car in a while and he still works for that company but he never came back to a university due to lack of time. Another reason students drop out of college is because they are recent immigrants. Moving to another place affects studying pretty often. People have to settle on a new place and organize their life there, so, they don’t have any extra time for going to college. Many people can’t find their selves on a new place, so they get depressed and lose their desire to study at college. It occurs to many good students that after moving they can’t use their knowledge and develop the skills they have got before. It usually depends on a person. Those who don’t give up in any life situations reach their goals and graduate anyway. But unfortunately there are not many people like that. Language is also a reason why people don’t
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