chose to fail

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Many people chose to fail for different reasons. Many careless reasons. A lot of people don’t know they are failing till it actually happens and they see the consequences. All of the reasons are completely you’re fault because it’s what you chose to do. There is no way around it. One of the reasons for why people chose to fail is they are careless. Some people just don’t feel like doing anything or don’t think it’s necessary to do it. So some people just hold it off till last minute or when they do get a chance to do it, they are very lazy and slap together some random things. Another reason why people to chose to fail are they worry about other things before their school work. Like friends, games or other activities people may think come first. Once you see you’re having fun doing other things you start to make yourself think that you are doing the right thing. A third reason why some people chose to fail is because they think that the work is pointless. Many people believe that the work they get won’t get them any were in life. They also think that is they don’t try there hardest it might just get them extra help. Another reason why people chose to fail is because they think that someone else will do the work for them. Not everyone knows that the older you get the less people are helping you. You are becoming more independent. A fifth reason why some people is fail are they do the work but they don’t understand It and they don’t want to ask for help. Asking for help will even raise you’re grade for participation. And getting the help brings you’re grade up. Choosing not to fail and trying NOT to fail is a big part of you’re life because school gets you where you need/want to go. If you’re failing either because you’re careless, distracted or actually trying then those problems can be fixed. It’s all up to you. No one but you can make the choice about what you
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