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Employees often see change as threatening. What are some of the sources of resistance to change, and what can you as a manager do to overcome that resistance? I think that most people resist change at some point in time and that it may take other people longer to adapt to changes than others, and some may not adapt at all. I think most people prefer stability and tend to avoid situations that increase stress levels or put themselves at risk. People resist change for several reasons. Some people resist change because of poor communication. The changes may not be communicated thoroughly or efficiently therefore leaving people confused and more inclined to resist; miscommunication can cause resistance. Fear of the unknown is also a reason to resist change. People may be scared to do something different because they don't know what the outcome will be; they are scared to take a chance or a risk. People may resist change because of lack of control or reward. My husband is the kind of person who is resistant to change because of lack of control. He likes to have control over things in his life and if something happens out of his control he has a hard time handling it at first. If there is a lack of reward then people may resist. Sometimes people have the "what's in it for me" mentality, so if there is no reward involved in the change then they may not embrace it. Other times people may just be unwilling to try new things because of their personality type. Finally, resistance can be political. People use resisting change as a political opportunity to prove that the change is wrong and to see the change

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