High School Drop Outs

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Do you know why students choose to drop out of school? Today, without a high school diploma you really would not get far because most employments are looking for people that have at least a diploma. Students drop out of high school for many reasons. Some of the main reasons are: medical problems, academic failure, and school related problems. Some students go through a lot of hardships during their lifetime. Some students are diagnosed with different types of diseases such as leukemia and cancer, which causes them to be in and out of the hospitals, and to miss school frequently. Missing school gets stressful because you have loads of makeup work to complete in order to get passing grades. Having medical problems and trying to keep up with school work is a lot on one person’s plate. It causes depression, which leads the person to just give up on school as a whole. Another reason why students decide to drop out of school is because of academic failure. Some students are not good in all subjects like others. The main subjects that students lack in are mathematics and english. Failing a course is a major set back for some people. When students have the opportunity to retake a course most do not because they feel like it is a waste of time, or they just get lazy and do not want to do it at all. Also, failing a course can also be embarrassing to some people which leads them to give up and not worry about the course. Personal problems that occur within the household can also be a major factor on why teens drop out of high school. Some personal problems that can cause drop outs are pregnancies, marriage, and ect. Becoming a mother or a father at a young age is a big responsibility. When teens have kids, some tend to quit school without thinking about their child's future. Also, marriage can be a very stressful factor to any student. Stressing leads
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