Unit 342 – Support Positive Risk Taking for Individuals

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Unit 342 – Support positive risk taking for individuals Outcome 1 – understand the importance of risk taking in everyday life 1.1 Explain ways in which risks is an integral part of everyday life Without taking risks we would be unable to learn something new, taking a risk is part of life and although we do not want to take risks, we still take them regardless. Taking risks can build you confidence and even teach you something about yourself you may or may not be aware of yet, for example: Learning to ride a bike or rock climbing, both of these sports both contain a high amount of risks but taking those risks can really pay off and be very enjoyable after a bit of practice. By waking up and getting out of bed in the morning you have already started to take a risk and continuing through you day to day activities which you find 'normal' still contain a high amount of risks but we do them because it is worth doing. We cannot 'bubble wrap' everything we do to make everything safe but if a task or activity is dangerous we can only try and prevent harm to ourselves. 1.2 Explain why individuals may have been discouraged from taking risks The biggest reason for someone being discouraged from taking risks is an individual with a learning disability, It was only not so long ago that individuals with a learning disability most often than not wasn't given the choice to make their own decisions on tasks or activities they would do throughout the day but rather another close friend or family to that person making the decisions for them, It was not thought that the person would be able to participate in the task or activity, so rather than trying they would simply do something else which was seemed more appropriate by their 'guardian/next of kin. Thankfully this has had a lot of hard work and research has been put into the matter and the results are that those
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