Importance Of Classroom Management, Engagement And Motivation

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Classroom Management, Engagement, and Motivation Western Governors University Task 2 Part A1. Positive Social Interaction Someday I would like to run a second grade classroom. I think that Scenario 2 might work best with my students. The first thing I noticed was that the homework policy was announced and explained to the class, at the beginning of the year. Also, handouts went home to parents explaining the policy. I think this definitely a good step towards positive social interaction. It creates a line of communication and understanding. There shouldn't be any confusion from students or parents about what's expected. Having a discussion with the teacher about why a homework assignment is late and what can be done so that…show more content…
Students need structure. Structure in the classroom will cause self motivation in students. Also, students don't like being held accountable for their actions. Having to talk to students about why they didn't finish their assignments will motivate them to do their work. Most students try to avoid being lectured or get in trouble for something they can avoid. This is definitely extrinsic motivation that in turn create intrinsic motivation. Also, being able to see others students succeed around them can also motivate. If I don't care about my homework but I see that my friends do, I might be more likely to start caring about it…show more content…
Because my students are so young, I will make it my responsibility each week to type up their homework assignments for a whole week. Every Monday, each student will be given the assignments for the entire week. By doing it this way, the whole week has already been planned out and parents and students know what to expect ahead of time. I will try my best to be consistent each week. As the year goes on, I can gradually add more work. Each day when they enter the classroom, dropping off their take home folder will be routine. I will collect their homework assignments from their folders and return their folders back to them, along with their weekly assignment sheet. Their weekly assignment sheet will always stay in their homework folder. If assignments aren't turned in for the day, I will ask the student why it wasn't completed and send a note home to the parents. I will inform the parent that the student will be allowed to make up the assignment, but some points will be deducted. I will explain to them the importance of turning in the assignment on time and that some points are better than no points. If assignments are continuously being missed by a particular student, I will type up a contract and I will have the students sign it. Anytime an assignment is missed after this, I will pull the contract out and explain to them the importance of their word. If a student and

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