Math 176 Syllabus

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Welcome to Math 176 The textbook for this class is Goshaw, Concepts of Calculus 1st Edition, Pearson Education, 2008. In addition I require the MATHXL code for online homework. There book is available from the bookstore as a bundle. You can also find used versions for rent or sale online and buy a 6 month access code from MathXL. Changes to the schedule may be made during the term as necessary: Schedule is in Canvas The last date to withdraw from classes is April 21st Spring Break: 3/15/14 - 3/22/14 |The Final Grade for the Course is Determined as Follows: | |Test 1 |25%…show more content…
It is your responsibility to read the syllabus • Respect your classmates by creating a positive learning environment. Show up on time and if you are late, enter quietly without disrupting. Using a cell phone during any quiz or test is considered cheating and will result in a 0 on that assignment. • Show up for class. Attendance will be taken at each class and will be used for student monitoring. You should treat class like your job; if you miss work you call your supervisor. If you will be absent for more than one class then you should call or e-mail me. I drop the lowest quiz. If you are going to miss a quiz, have a legitimate reason, and can make the quiz up in the testing center before the next class, then contact me before the end of the class by email or voicemail. • Show up prepared for class. You will need a graphing calculator for this class. I do not have additional calculators to lend
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