Classroom Management Nbt1 Task 1

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Classroom Management Task 1 Homework Policy A1) Positive Social Interaction Mr. Collet’s homework policy promoted positive social interactions with the student must talk with the teacher first to get late assignments approved to turn in. This gives the teacher and student one on one time to discuss why the homework is being turned in late and ways to prevent it from happening again. This part of the police would promote positive social interaction in a 4th grade classroom because this allows the teacher to have a dialogue with the students when they have fail to meet the requirements. Then one on one meeting is a opportunity to use critical thinking to solve the problem to prevent from being late on turning in homework in the future. The one on one meetings allows the teacher to get to know about the interests, hope, and concerns of the student, and facilitate a relationship in which students feel they are emotionally and physically safe and, therefore free to engage in constructive discourser with their teacher (Brewster, 2000). A2) Self-Motivation Mr. Collet’s homework policy promotes self-motivation by making the students responsible for having done their work and meet the teacher’s expectations. This part of the policy would promote self-motivation for a 4th grade classroom because it would hold the students accountable for meeting the teacher’s expectation. This make a student want to do exactly as the teacher ask. Most students don’t want to disappoint their teacher and having to appeal to the teacher for not having the homework turned in on time, So they will make sure to keep up with their work and what is expected of them. By having requirement like due date allows students to be mindful of prioritizing and time management. For teachers, building these bonds with students helps to develop an extensive repertoire of strategies, tools and methods

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