Fht4 Task 2

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I've encountered a lot of adults with major anger issues in my life time, me included. I choose to write on how to raise children to develop the skills to deal with anger in a healthy and appropriate way. A. Describe at least three skills or personal capabilities that contribute to positive social development in a wide range of life’s social roles and responsibilities. 1. “Teach children positive social skills and provide them with skill training to cope with their negative emotional states and deal with the problems and stressers that they face daily.”This basically means, teach children how to be friends with each other, how to share their belongings, how to respect others' belongings, and how to communicate. If they start displaying inappropriate anger coping skills, teach them in the moment how to deal with it properly. Counting to 10 may seem cliché, but it actually can work. Stepping away from the situation until the child has calmed down; there are many things that can be taught early that will be more effective then teaching them at a required by the courts class at the age of 39. These skills contribute to positive social development because they teach children that emotions are okay to feel, and okay to display, but you have to display them in the correct way, otherwise they are not heard. 2. 鼎reate a supportive milieu in the class, school and community so that children reinforce each other for positive behavior. Teach children to care for and support each other during stressful times.�This step speaks for itself. If a child says 菟゚lease can I have my toy back�you teach the children to be respectful and actually giving it back. The child is asking politely, and should be rewarded by his peer by getting the possession back; he is done sharing for now. If a child has to step aside to calm down, teach children to leave that child alone, not to
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