Appropriate Behaviours Essay

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Appropriate Behaviour As a teaching assistant you must be able to adapt your behaviour as how you would behave at home would be different to at work. This also occurs with how you would act in front of adults to children, your behaviour would change to suite your audience or environment. Also another example where your behaviour may need to change is the environment such as the difference between mainstream settings to a SEN setting. A few examples of scenarios where you may have to adapt your behaviour would be: Nursery- When adapting our behaviour it is important to adapt it to the child’s needs and age. At this age we need to remember to comfort the child if they become upset and be someone they can speak to if they choose too, it is important we do not shout at children as this could cause them more upset and distress. Also we should be lively and energetic and enjoy taking part in activities they enjoy and provide new challenges for them. Primary schools- During this age it is important to listen to the children however the teaching assistant must make eye contact, lower themselves to the child’s level and speak to the child in a positive way. Children will start to learn boundaries during this time so it is about enforcing them in a positive and encouraging way. Encouragement is also important during all aspects of school life such as during lessons, their work, forming friendships and finding new things because this will help the children to try new things and to progress and move forward with their development and education. Secondary Schools- During this period of time in a child’s life it is important we do not intimidate or talk down to the child as this can really knock a child’s confidence, self esteem and could affect their professional relationship with the teaching assistant. Boundaries should be in place so children should know what is expected
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