An Analysis Of Somebody Else And Rasquo's Kids By Torey Hayden

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In reading Torey Hayden’s, Somebody Else’s Kids, several passages stood out to me, speaking to the humanity and inhumanity of the world and the obvious plausibility of a teacher’s ability to make a difference in a student’s life. Although many teachers struggle with the balance between their personal and professional lives, as with many professions, I would hope that a teacher would take their work home with them in some way. One passage that began a rather large pot of blood boiling inside me was one that approached disabled children as some sort of painless Martians: “The doctor turned to me. He had the sort of expression on his face that told me he thought I really should understand, so why didn’t I?…show more content…
In retrospect many forms of oppression and discrimination seem so completely barbaric and unimaginable and to think this dialogue was occurring less than thirty years ago. Though there is not a perfect system in place, there are now many more Torey Hayden’s and administrators that value emotionally and physically disabled children. As I read this book I continued to make a text to self connection as I have a twelve year old cousin who is autistic and I’ve watched her grow and change and explore the world around her and I always wonder how she perceives her place in the world. It seems as though she doesn’t realize that she is different, but how do I or how does anyone around her really know? Thinking about Torey Hayden’s students and my cousin I began to think about all those children and people who are on the border, they have some sort of disability, but they are aware of it and can sense this different way people look at them and treat them. This issue of separateness and an omnipresent stigma of being different or strange or crazy attached to our special education students is exactly why I feel it is so important that they can be part of a mainstream classroom, in which the teacher can create a community of acceptance and appreciation for all. Though this may seem idealistic, where are we going to move to as a society made up of fatalists, such as Edna and the doctor who…show more content…
I want to experiment with what builds a sense of community, support, care, and motivation in my classroom and I assume this will take place in many forms. Torey sought out and found ways to communicate and build relationships with her students, some of the time these ways were non-verbal and rather based on feeling; I hope to create the same sort of atmosphere in my classroom, to have those important one on one moments with my students. This passage in the book also reminded me of a recent conversation I had with my supervising teacher about the hiring process. She told me that some of the best teachers have the worst interviews, but when she’s looking for a potential teacher she relies mostly on intuition; if she believes an individual truly loves children, she is much more likely to hire them regardless of their interview. (Of course the individual would have to demonstrate some basic competencies) The passage also made me think of the beauty of the teaching profession and how it really is difficult to explain to a non-teacher; there are so many small and large events that happen on a daily basis in the academic world that creates a world of amazement and appreciation for the growing

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