Giving Up When Going Gets Tough

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September 15, 2013 Giving up when Going gets Tough Never give up. During our lifetime, we come across many different kinds of problems in and out of our life. . Everyone goes through problems, where we have to do is get through those and reach for a higher goal in life Some problems are simple and some are more complicated. Giving up when the going gets tough is hard not to do. This is very common for people to go through hard times. It's understandable because of how hard some of the situations in life are. Three places this problem occurs are in school, home, and at work. Problems are part of life regardless how good a person seems to be in society. The issue with school is all the work gets overwhelming for some students. Teachers don't think about some students don't understand the work as well as others. Everyone has their strengths in subjects and others have their weakness. As a student it feels like no matter how much effort it is not enough to succeed in an education. For example, a girl will study all day and night for a exam and still fail he test when another student, can not study and make a good grade. People think giving up is the correct answer to the situation, but it makes matters worse. As a result kids drop out of school and give up instead of getting an education. For example, a student drops out of school not thinking about their future. They may get turned down for a great job because of not having their education, so instead they give up and settle for a low pay job. They consider throwing their life down the drain then try harder. If they put it through their head that they can, then they could. Sometimes all people need is a little inspiration to help them not to give up. At home children face troubles on an everyday basis. Sometimes if they have siblings the children don't get along. Many times its money problems on these new era
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