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Bijena Adhikari Jerome Parent English 121-56I 03/29/2012 The value of college In this century “the value of college” has been a big debate among the parents, student and the professor themselves. College is not a gateway which guarantees better jobs and better salaries, but it definitely makes a huge difference while accruing one. College is a guideline for stepping out in a real world and tackling real problems. While the tuition fees are increasing every year so as the curiosity, is it worth spending that huge amount of money? And after graduating will there be a secured job? One of my good friends had a complete different outlook about college. He said “going to college and spending four years of precious time does not make you perfect to do the job, it needs experience and that’s what is important. College education is mostly about theory and you hardly gather experience in certain field”. Actually if you listen to him carefully it does make sense too. There are people who dropped out college and are very successful in their lives, For example, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. There are good numbers of careers where degree is not a main factor; all that matters is your hard work and experience. There are different ways to educated yourself rather than college. There are many unemployed people who attended college and think all the investment they did in their study was in vain. I believe college is the most important place where you learn to learn things in effective manner. It is also a place where we meet a diverse group of individuals challenging each other and also learning from each other. College provides a chance to build your ability in every way. There was time when

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