Underage Drinking While Attending College

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Alneka Smith English 1102: Composition II Prof. Erika Jo Brown May 5, 2014 Final Paper COLLEGE Although, when you hear the word college you think of many positive attributes and success but, what is success? College can be an awesome thing but also has its pros and cons many different people have different outlooks and experiences from college and most attended without any knowledge of what they are even getting their selves into. After talking to some of the people around me including someone who never went to college, someone who went and didn’t complete college, someone who never went to college and is still somehow successful, someone who went to college graduated with a bachelor’s degree and their masters and who is not as successful…show more content…
I really didn’t too much think I was the peer pressure type of person until actually attending college. Peer pressure is one of those things that start in your younger teen years but not so much when you are older. The thing that different college adult students from those who jump right into the work force and other things of that nature, is that when on college campus there are little to no adult supervision with a lot of illegal things being down that no one knows about. Underage drinking and the usage of marijuana are the biggest 2 on most college campuses. Underage drinking also leads to many conflicts within our students, like minor rape issues and the use of violence when under the influence due to the short attention span caused by alcohol usage. Marijuana is a big usage, although less violence and crime is involved with this usage it still cause many conflicts with students when caught in usage or on person by upper authority. Believe it or not peer pressure still exists between the ages of 19-21. I know over 20 of my friends on the Savannah State campus who are in use of one or both of these substances who didn’t intake them before attending…show more content…
Most current college students feels as if there are way more cons of being a college student then pros simple because of the stress and length of time, it takes to complete college. Then you have those students who come and leave college, get caught up and regret they ever left. I guess college is one of those things that really depend on person, attitude, and determination. If you didn’t get anything out this paper I wanted you to get the point of not letting someone choose college for you, don’t even let college choose you, you pick up a book, computer of magazine and you choose college. Do your research and don’t become a statistic become successful and complete as many goals on the list and let that be your college, and you

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