High School Graduates Aren't Prepared For College

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Huskey Reasons High School Students are Underprepared for College John Cloud in “Who’s Ready for College” explains the controversy and reasoning on why colleges do or do not offer remedial classes. Cloud reports that a little over one fourth of freshmen in college take a remedial class and about one billion dollars are spent on funding remedial classes in college that students should have learned by their senior year in high school. Cloud reveals that some universities do not allow remedial students to attend, forcing them into community colleges; it is arguable on whether students forced into community colleges will ever go to a university. He claims high school students think getting into college is too easy, if the school pushed them harder not as many would need remedial classes in college (60,63). A high school student needing remedial classes can be blamed on three major factors: the students themselves, the community, and the school system. Students themselves can be blamed for not being ready for college. The most concerning thing for a high school student is their social life. Also, a high school student is usually immature; it’s hard for a fourteen year old child to look ahead to the future. For example, I never planned on going to college, I planned on going to beauty school; however, I finished beauty school then realized I would rather go to college. Students do not realize how important college really is. Laziness is a major factor in the reason college students fresh out of high school need remedial classes. Some students have poor attendance resulting in them not being present to learn. In other cases, students attend class; however, they do not take time to study. Another reason is they may be lacking confidence. If a person convinces themselves they cannot do something, there is no way they can succeed. Finally, it is common for a student to
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