I Don't Want to Be a Study Machine

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I Don’t Want To Be a Study Machine Hong Kong is a small city part of China, but it has an independent education system. The education system in Hong Kong is similar to England. It has 3-years kindergarten, 6-years primary school, 6-years secondary school, and 4-years University. There were nine years of compulsory schooling in Hong Kong, six in primary school and three in junior secondary school, but these were over last few years. The Hong Kong government has recently changed the education system that students will receive 12 years of education from six in primary and six in secondary school. There is amount of significant dissatisfaction with the test and rote memorization in Hong Kong. I would say the education style in Hong Kong is fixed because students need to memorize the answer but not understanding to get a good grade. I think this education style is destroying student’s critical thinking and creative skills. I used to study in Hong Kong since I was born, until last year I came to the states for studying in college. According to Sanford Ungar’s essay “The New Liberal Arts”, “A liberal-arts degree is a luxury that most families can no longer afford. “Career education” is what we now must focus on.” (Ungar 190) Hong Kong has the same situation, most parents wonder their children study in medical or business major, but not arts. It is because of their narrow thinking that arts major couldn’t get a better job than medical or business major. My parents had that thought before too, especially my father always wants me to study in business major. I understand they worried about my future career, but I would like to tell them I want to choose the way I want because I think I won’t be successful by choosing a way that I can’t afford or I’m not interesting in. I believe the education system in Hong Kong may good for someone but I’m sure it is not for everyone.
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