Why a College Education Is Important to Me

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Writing Assessment 5_06 “Why College Education is Important to Me” September 22, 2014 Call me crazy, but pursuing a college education is a long lost, almost forgotten dream of mine. There are many significant reasons why a college education has always been important to me. The Associates degree I obtained over twenty years ago helped me acquire better employment opportunities, income and benefits than I would have received otherwise. Brought up in an “old school” household, college was certainly discouraged and assumed out of the question for me because I was female. This irrational parental logic held me back for a time but did not keep me from eventually attending college on my own. Now, with approximately seven to eight years left until retirement, I still feel college is important enough to go back to finish what I started! Working for my Bachelors degree couldn’t be more poignant to me than it is right now. My desire to get a college education was in defiance of my father’s view of a woman’s place. My father was difficult and hard on my two brothers and me. He was also an abusive alcoholic. My bothers were sent off to a private, boarding high school while I attended the local public school. I felt devastated and also devalued. When college came around, my brother’s was paid for. My future education however was discouraged. I’ll never forget my father’s words to me when it was my turn to go to college. “Why waste money sending you to college when you will just end up like your mother, getting married and raising babies. She graduated from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and never used her degree.” This was a stereotype that was ingrained and driven into me, defeating my aspirations for many years, but not squelching my desire altogether. Five years later, I was doing what I loved, but barely making a living

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