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October 2010 From the desk of Bridget M. Johnson, BSA, MHA “You’re cordially invited to the University of Phoenix commencement exercises of the graduating class of 2010” No Regrets The year is 2010. It is a beautiful fall day as I leave the University of Phoenix Metairie campus with the fantastic news from my counselor that I met all requirements to obtain my master’s degree in Business Administration/Healthcare management. Immediately I begin to construct the invitation in my mind seen above to send to family and friends so that everyone can share in the celebration of me fulfilling the ultimate personal goal of my life, the completion of my college degrees, the catalyst to an even better life, personally, professionally and financially. This personal goal was planted in my heart over twenty-five years ago. I attended college for a brief spell prior to the birth of my son. After the birth of my son, obtaining my college degree became more of a necessity than a desire, but I was not certain how I would accomplish the task. I did know that my new role as mother required I postpone attending college to care for my child. Fortunately, I had acquired a skill in high school,…show more content…
There were some positions posted that looked as though my resume was used to write the job description I applied for, but was knocked out of the running due to the fact I did not have a college degree. Some departments were courteous enough to grant an interview, saw that I was a fabulous fit for their department, but had to turn down my application/resume because I did not meet the mandatory “college degree” requirement. In turn, without a college degree prevented my opportunities for a significant increase in salary to provide even more for my

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