Compare And Contrasting Highschool Vs College

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It does not take students long to realize that there are many differences between high school and college. When students transition to their first year of college they are full of expectations that may or may not be realistic. Students may experience a culture shock when they encounter the social and academic differences between the two learning institutions. Based on these differences, it would be wise for students to focus and prepare themselves as much as possible while they still have the opportunity to take advantage of the more individualized attention given to them in high school. This essay will compare and contrast the different experiences of high school and college. One of the major differences between high school and college is the fact that high school is mandatory and in most instances free to attend. Because students are required to attend, they sometimes lack motivation. High school can be filled with hand holding from both the teachers and parents. Students have little say over what classes they will take and when they will take them, as most of the classes are pre-arranged. On the other hand, college is voluntary and can be very expensive to attend. Because attendance is optional (and costly), students tend to be more motivated and are there because they have a clear plan for their futures. Generally, college professors will not hold students’ hands and will not offer one-on-one attention, unless asked. College professors expect students to be mature enough to understand the material or ask for help when they do not. College students are expected to manage their own time, including their class schedules, extracurricular activities and recreational activities. Students must find a balance between academic and personal activities and learn to set priorities. Academic coursework can vary greatly between high school and college. In high school

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