Pros and Cons of Homework

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Pros I. Teaches self discipline and helps students learn about responsibilities II. Connects the classroom to home and refreshes things learnt at school and bridges the gap between learning at home and learning at school III. Teaches time management and organization IV. Helps people who struggle with tests which is the 5% of people V. Good study habits VI. Allows parents to gain idea of what school is teaching Cons I. Take away free time II. With obesity on the rise, homework means less sports and exercise III. Homework takes away and prohibits extracurricular activities IV. More homework means less sleep due to the stress and results in less focus in class V. Takes away time spent with the family and prohibits family development VI. Homework may result in emotional instability, frustration, depression, drug abuse in order to stay awake due to the amount of stress involved with homework. VII. Most students see homework as a burden VIII. 7hrs of learning at school is enough extra time spend doing homework after school hours where students should be relaxing and rewinding, builds on stress. IX. Homework prevents students to have a balanced and well rounded lifestyle not just a pure academic life X. The amount of stress homework causes kids is ridiculous, especially when they're already under so much pressure to get into a good college and do well in school, along with making friends and staying active. Homework is not necessary. XI. Most homework consist of untailored worksheets which aren’t built around the student’s learning’s at school XII. Homework suppressed creativity XIII. No studies backs up the myth of homework being beneficial XIV. Homework is only useful to a extent and has a limited effect XV. According to Richard Walker, an educational psychologist at Sydney University, data shows that in countries where more time is spent on

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