To Be Succesful in College

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To Be Successful In College College life is a very important experience in student’s lives. However, college study is a very difficult task but every student wants to be successful. Every student should have their own plans or ways to become successful. I believe students should learn from their past mistakes, have their own learning technique, and master group work. These steps will help students master their college experience. First, students should learn from past mistakes. Learning from their mistakes will help students avoid doing it repeatedly. Most students will blame their mistakes on another student or professor and that will do no good. Accepting the fact that is your own mistake is the first step to learning from it. Taking time to improve the mistake is also an effective way of learning from it . So, students who make mistakes should learn from them mistakes are a great way for students to learn. Secondly, every student should have their own learning technique. In my personal experience, I know how important the learning technique is. I did not have a technique to study when I was in middle school. I worked diligently, but I was not doing well. In high school, I began to plan the way I was going to study. I prepared before class and reviewed after class; moreover, I took careful notes. I found that this method helped me to achieve better grades. I think every student should find their study technique. Students can save time and work more effectively by using the correct technique. Thirdly, working in a group is more effective than doing the work by themselves. Almost all students in middle and high school are asked to do their own work. However, it is not the most effective way for students to study. Students can learn more when they work as a team. They can share ideas and solutions, so they

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