Striving for Success

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Striving for Success Striving for success is something that many people do on a daily basis. Success is a desired outcome that many wish to obtain. Personal responsibility is skill that will produce success in many levels. Personal responsibility is a skill one must possess in becoming a successful college student. While if you don’t practice skills such as prioritizing, managing your time, or being organized your success will be limited. Personal responsibility is an important role in one’s personal life and college success. First of all to be a successful student you must create a time management plan. A time management plan can consist of many different tools. Such as a daily planner were you can write down your daily task. Use of a daily planner will help in many ways it will show you the task you have to complete each day of the week, and month by month. Also a daily calendar is very useful if managed properly it will show you at a glance the things you have to do through the week, month, and year. Time management will produce great success if you choose to practice these couple of techniques. However, organization is a skill you must have to practice your time management plan. Being organized is a great trait that one must have to be a successful college student. By being organized you will free up the time it takes looking for loose papers. Therefore having folders labeled with the work or assignments will cut that time out. Also being organized will make you as an individual feel better about yourself and more confident with your school work or projects. Prioritizing is the most important skill to obtain success in personal responsibility. Having priorities is part of life you must make choices in the things you do. By prioritizing your assignments, projects, and goals you must make a note which is more important and putting the most
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