High School vs. College Compare and Contrast

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College vs. High School College and High School are two very similar education facilities but are completely different from each other. College is much more relaxed while High School is fast paced. You both go to them to learn but one you learn better at than the other. It is easy to compare them but what makes them different or the same in the way of education, times, schedules and more? When you go to High School the first year you get a set schedule from a counselor and you have no choice on what classes you go into beside an elective. You have 6 classes a day, 5 days a week, and things can become very stressful, very fast. In High School you have a lot less responsibilities and a lot less motivation because most kids are just there because they have to be and don’t really want to learn anything when they have too. High School is also full of teachers who are just there to get their paycheck, teach as little as they can, go home and do it again the next day. In High Schools around the United States scores are getting worse and worse and it’s due to unmotivated teachers who don’t care about the integrity of teaching anymore because it all seems pointless in this current time. You could make a lot more points about High School and its flaws but these ones are the biggest ones that need addressing. From High School to College, a lot of things change. In College you pick your classes, your times, basically everything. You have freedom to do what you like and aren’t held back by counselors and certain start times. You have a lot more motivation to learn also, because everyone is there to learn, no one is forced to go to college, it is a choice that only a person could decide, not a state law or anything. Also in college the teachers seem to be there to teach, not sit back, teach the minimal, and collect the paycheck at the end of the month like it seems much

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