Process of Being an a Student in College

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Victoria Casillas 3/19/2012 English 101 Process of Being an A Student in College Being a college student and maintaining an A grade in college can be a very demanding process. You have to be very committed to your schooling in order to do very well. Showing up for school and getting the work done may sound very simple, but it can get very stressful as well. That’s why knowing what you need to do and keeping up with it makes your college life much easier and less stressful. To have a plan and goal in your schooling is a good way to start as well, and a system with your schedules and everything else will be also very helpful to maintain a good grade in college in all your classes. The first thing that is very important is attendance that is because if you do not show up for your classes it will hurt you in various ways. It can get you super behind on everything that is going on in class. And in college you are given points each day for showing up to class and if you’re not there those are class points you are losing for each of the days you do not come. Most teachers give you a couple days that you can be absent for and any more days you are absent after that points are taken off. You also fall behind in class and don’t know what is due and what homework assignment is given so then your grades falls even lower because you are not prepared for the next class. Also if you miss so many days your teacher may end up dropping you from the class and you are stuck with having to retake the course another time. So coming to school every day is very important and benefits you 100% without a doubt. plus if you are paying for it you would want to make use of your money and education.? it is the reason you are going to school in the first place. The next thing is doing all in class work, points are also given for that and for an A in the class all the

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