High School vs. College

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(Teacher) (Class) 1 November 2011 High School Vs. College Everyone needs a good education in order to sufficiently make it through life these days. In order to achieve this, a person must graduate high school and college. Many people seem to think life as a high school student and a college student are very similar, but to me they have many differences. When I graduated high school, I decided that I would go to college and I became very aware of not only the differences, but the similarities as well. A couple of the things I noticed were the differences in the scheduling and rules and attitudes, responsibility on my part, and the work load. In high school, we were required to be at school by a certain time of the morning and once you arrived you were there for the day having seven or eight classes with a thirty minute lunch break. In college you have more freedom with your class schedule. Some students may have a class at eight in the morning and then not have another one until two that afternoon. Others may only have class two or three days a week, depending on how they arrange their schedule. Also in high school the rules are very strict. Students are not allowed to eat, drink, or chew gum while in class. Most college professors are not as strict in these areas, depending on the classroom. Cell phones are forbidden in high school, but in college you can talk on your cell phone between classes and occasionally you will find a teacher who allows you to use them in the classroom. High school teachers view students as children and therefore teach them as children while college professors look at students as adults, and as adults we have to be more responsible. As far as who is responsible for the work or making sure it gets completed, in high school the teachers have a tendency to be
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