High School Vs College Essay

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Differences and similarities between levels High School and college are alike in numerous ways, but they are also very different. They are both educational institutions which help people achieve greater intelligence but different in certain factors. High school is mandatory and free if you attend a public school, otherwise it will cost you while college is both voluntary and expensive. In high school, students are guided for responsibilities they have and students are corrected if they are out of line. Freedom is the main difference between high school and college but, classes, teachers, social aspects and costs are the major ways that college differs from high school. In high school, your teachers tell you what to do and how to act in school but, at home you have your parents who generally make sure that you did your homework and studied for tests. Your time was pretty much managed for you. In college you are on your own, being responsible is just one of the many qualities a student should have to maintain progress. As far as being mature and determined. In high school, you are reminded of things that need to be done, and events you must attend. In college you are obligated to know and remember your tasks, objectives, and the skills needed to succeed. In high school you are not responsible for knowing what it takes to graduate. As for a college graduation the requirements are complex and differ from year to year. You are expected to be on top of all the duties that apply to you. Conversely, both high school and college have their consequences for not completing one’s duties. Classes are another thing that is different. Most of the classes are assigned to students in high school. On the contrary, college students are responsible for their own schedule made with the help of an academic adviser. Also in high school your attendance is monitored, there is no

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