High School Students Should Be Required To Wear Uniforms.

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High school students should be required to wear uniforms. Some critics argue that uniforms stifle individual freedom and individuality. Also they state that uniforms promote conformity rather than personal expression and creativity. However, we need to see that there is absolute advantages of wearing uniforms. Sociological studies show that school uniforms help to improve academic performance. People are apt to change their action depending on what they are wearing. Since school uniforms set a serious atomosphere in the classroom by removing distractions, students may achieve their goals easier. Also, teens are sensitive to their appearance. According to some parents, their children waste as much as an hour in front of the mirror getting ready for school. Sometimes, it is main reason why their children are late to school. In addition, it can cause conflict between parents and their children. Uniforms, thus, save students time in the morning by eliminating the time they use to choose what they should wear. They help students focus on what is more important than fashion and beauty trends. From point of view, uniforms can help curb behavioral problems. By means of wearing uniforms, students are less likely to engage in illegal behavior. As I mentioned earlier, most of teens tent to care about other people's views on them. So, if they do something wrong, they will think twice before doing what they are not supposed to do. There is a time for everything, from my experience, when I was a high school student, I disagreed on wearing uniforms. At that time, I thought that my uniform was unfashionable and uncomfortable. But now I think that I was happy when I used to wear

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