Onsite Daycare Essay

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Should colleges provide on-site daycare facilities for their students? Many people who go to college find it very difficult to get good day care service for their children. Many students have one to three small children who are below the public school age and must have constant care. I find to assist students with childcare issues; colleges should provide on-site daycare facilities for their students. If colleges provide on-site daycare facilities for their students it will allow them to concentrate fully on their work, reduce the number of students missing class or absenteeism, and retention rates will increase or the dropout rate will reduce. First if colleges provided on-site daycare facilities, it will allow students to concentration fully on their work. When students do not have to worry about daycare issues or lack of it, they will be able to increase productive by being able to focus on class work or any assignments given. Focus is very important in the lives of students. Students need to be focused, and this focus drives them to succeed. Many students, due to different circumstances, lose their focus. This can always be disastrous for their well-being as well as their future. An on-site daycare at colleges will also reduce the number of students missing class or absenteeism. Class attendance facilitates learning in a variety of ways. For example lectures supplement reading assignments and classroom presentations present information differently than the text. Discussion and elaboration of topics provides current information that may not be found in the textbook. Hearing the comments and questions of other students can answer questions many students may have. Instructors can use class discussion to enhance critical thinking skills. They can pose questions that require students to make connections between concepts and relate what they are learning to

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