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All along educational institutions had played an important role in providing all that skills that people will use in the future. At present time, there are many kinds of educational institutions like high school and college. Even though high school and college offer knowledge to students and prepare them for the future, there are some important differences between them that make them different kind of institutions. At first, grading is an important process which indicates the performance of a student, either this is in college or in high school, but in college there is a different way of grading from that of high school. For example, while in high school good homework grades are able to raise your overall grade if you did not do well on tests, in college the grades in tests and major papers (essays, projects, and researches) are the most important things that provide most of the course grade. Also, in high school if someone has received the grade of D and higher then they are able to pass the course but in college someone can graduate only if their average is same or above their departmental standard. Second, there are many differences in classes between these two institutions. Although in high school for students listening is sometimes more than enough however in college students should review class notes and text material regularly and ask for information from professor teaching assistance tutoring services and even from other students. Additionally, students in high school are provided with textbooks for free, whereas in college students need to buy textbooks and class materials. Furthermore, students in high school are usually told what they need to learn from the materials, however in college it is up to students to read and understand the material. Third, the teachers in college differ from those of high school because they represent different level of

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