Employed and Unemployed College Students

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In today’s economy where financial stabilization is a must, the option of going to school and getting a degree is a popular trend among young adults. The object of doing it may seem easy enough, yet the task of going through school, performing proficiently, finishing it, and handling all financial responsibilities can prove to be a bit overwhelming for some. The decisions of getting a job for many students become almost necessary. Students in college and larger universities, already encounter enough pressure with constant essays and multiple test examinations; the added responsibility of holding down a job to support self education becomes an added stressor. “Twenty three percent of full-time undergrads, who are 24 or younger, work 20 hours or more a week.” # The average cost of earning a four-year degree continues to rise, thus putting most undergraduates in a position of financial difficulty. Sure enough this alone stands out in the students mind as a task they know they must accomplish. Added on to the other loads of work and social pressure, a student can find their self worrisome and strained. # Freshmen undergraduates in general, take in a heap of stress due to their new surroundings, new social networks, and strengthened workload. The desire to want to be socially accepted and popular for some can also take on some form of stress for students. This does not exactly pertain to students of higher learning who take on different forms of stress in their collegiate lifetime. Higher learning students, those who have surpassed years of credible college education, face more of the basic form of academic stress. A heavy workload of examinations, homework assignments, and constant studying makes out for these students to be frazzled; with or without a job. A student under this category also deal with the pressure of figuring out what they will do with their lives

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