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Rotten Future. When i was a child lived in Viet Nam, there were not much things to do. We had a very simple lifestyle: going to work, school and family. Our culture highly appreciate education and so my family. Parents often expect their children to go to a good school and getting high education. It actually was not hard for the youth since we got used to the expectations, and we did not have advanced technology back then. Then things changed, I moved to America where people had everything i could imagine. I got my very first laptop from my mom for my birthday. Soon after, I started making friends in high school and learned to communicate with them via E-mail, Yahoo, Facebook etc. I remember how crazy i got when the Internet was out and I could not live without it for one night. I realized how much I relied on Internet. Mark Bauerlein, an English professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and the author of Too Dumb For Complex Texts article on Educational Leadership, believes that high school graduates are not ready for college-level reading, tests and papers. Technology causes multitasking and distractions which are problems in…show more content…
I totally agree. High school teachers tend to go easy on their students, try to pass them but not help them with their future. I think that is one of the reasons for such a high dropout rate in college. And most of my friends end up in preparation courses for calculus and composition. More and more computer based lessons have been given to high school students. Is modern technology culture changing so fast that teachers have to put traditional way of learning on the side to keep up with? More reading exercises and more exposure to complex texts will help high school students get ready for college, also helps colleges from getting burdened of high school students who are not ready for

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