Is College Good or Bad?

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Is College Good or Bad? Is college worth it? Is a college education really worth the investment of time, money and energy? Is a college degree really worth becoming enslaved to student loan debt that will haunt you for decades? The truth is that a college education is a massive gamble. For millions of Americans it works out well, but millions of other college graduates have found themselves completely unable to get a quality job in this economy and yet they are still trapped in a nightmare of student loan debt from which there is no escape. Millions of young Americans have discovered that they have become "indentured servants" the moment they graduate. The entire system encourages our young people to take out whatever college loans they "need" without worrying how they will pay them back because a college education is such a good "investment". Once upon a time, a college education was actually an almost automatic ticket to the middle class. Today, a college education does not guarantee you anything, but for millions of Americans it does turn out to be an automatic ticket to student loan hell. It has been an open secret for decades that college is one big joke. But at least a college degree could get you a job. Is college good or bad? College is good and bad for several reasons. The main reason why college is bad is because many people can't afford to pay college loans and textbooks so they rather not go to college Student loans always need to be paid back. They cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and you cannot just walk away from them if you do not find the right career after college. A large number of students start, but never complete their college education. Sometimes the problem is discipline, sometimes the problem is money, and sometimes-personal circumstances interfere. Before you borrow one penny for college, you need to ask yourself
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