College Acceptance Based on a Students Wealth

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College Admissions: College Acceptance Based On A Students Wealth If you asked most students what it takes to get into college, they would instinctively rehash what had been repeated to them over and over again: If you want to get into college, you're going to need good grades and extracurricular activities! But nobody ever told these students that there was a way to bypass these requirements and guarantee your admittance. It turns out that if you are able to, you can bribe a fair amount of colleges to admit you by giving them a sizable financial donation, I'm talking in the millions. Now some people will read this and automatically think that this is unfair and wrong, but I believe allowing colleges to admit students on the grounds of financial donations rather than academic and extracurricular merit is necessary in order to increase the quality of life for all current and prospective students and could lead to a change in the way we perceive college admittance. The giant donations received from these types of students can be put to great use, one of these uses is funding scholarships. While I agree that it is temporarily unfair that students can buy their way into a college, because it effectively takes away spots from other students who worked harder then them. But because that money can then be used to directly help fund scholarships for more students so they can attend a college where they otherwise wouldn’t of been able to, it more then balances out the injustice of the original students that were passed over. When it comes right down to it, students that can afford to pay millions of dollars for their admittance serve a greater good then the average student. Critics would argue that when colleges let in students based on financial donations as opposed to academic prowess, they are actively devaluing the value of the education received at their

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