Should College Students Be Played for Playing?

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Should College Students Be Paid For Playing? College athletes for a long time have been a part of the controversy. They should get paid for many reasons. First, would be college students are not even allowed to have a job. How are they going to pay for particular expenses by coming from a penniless family? Because of this you have athletes accepting illegal things such as money, cars and clothes. College athletes ever year bring in at least millions of dollars due to products and the games played. And the athletes that do can leave college and go pro they do because they are living in near poverty. College students should get paid because of all the income they bring in for their school while playing. For example, in the article “Why College Athletes Should Be Paid” by Tyson Harnett he says “Many coaches earn at least $100,000 per year to coach one of the major basketball, baseball, football at a school. “They will receive bonuses for going to the playoffs, winning championships etc.” “You know what the athletes receive as a gift? Nothing.”(Harnett). Despite the significant help, college players have been for their schools and the revenue they bring in they get nothing in return. Another example, in his article “How Much do College Sports Generate” by Scott Morgan he mentions ,“The NCAA, the largest collegiate sports organization in the United States, directs much of the business of American college sports. “In 2011-12, the NCAA reported $871. 6 million in revenue – 81 percent of it that came from broadcast rights agreement with Turner/CBS sports". (Morgan). So the players should get some of this money because without their contribution to the team they would not have as much popularity and revenue coming in. College players are not even allowed to work. So even if they have extra time to do so, they will have to sacrifice things such as meals, clothes, and

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