Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Should College Athletes Be Paid? “…Three-quarters of a billion dollars built on the backs of amateurs – on unpaid labor” (Branch). In recent years, there has been much controversy over whether or not college athletes should be paid. The argument has primarily consisted of whether or not college athletes deserve special monetary treatment over the other students at universities. “College Football Players Deserve Pay for Play” by Rod Gilmore, “Why Student-Athletes Should Not Be Paid” by Kabir Sawhney, and “The Shame of College Sports” by Taylor Branch all voice their opinions on this argument. I believe college athletes should have their full tuition, meals, room and board paid for; but I do not think the school should necessarily be responsible for paying the athletes especially since so many are not responsible with their money. Basically, I believe that the school should not be responsible for giving these student athletes money. In many cases, these athletes walk around campus with rock star status anyway. If they were paid it would further that perception that they were something other than simply a student athlete. If they were to be paid, many of the athletes would simply waste that money on their wants, and not save it for their necessities. If the athletes have issues with money, as many college students do, it is not the university’s responsibility. Even those students on academic scholarships are not given money for “extras”. The school is already paying in most cases, for the primary things that are needed by the student athlete such as: food, tuition, and room and board. Most universities also provide the players with an athletic wardrobe as well. This takes care of the majority of expenses that any college student could have. Sawhney suggests in his article “Why Student-Athletes Should Not Be Paid” that forcing the athletes into taking a personal

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