Should College Athletes Get Paid

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Should College Athlete’s Get Paid? In recent years, the debate for college athletes to receive a salary has become very popular among the NCAA and its players. Football in particular, has become popular in this discussion. Arguments have been made both for supporting and disclaiming the notion of paying college athletes. The claims made by the two parties include whether or not athletes are employees, how much money is spent on athletes, and the effects of injuries. Recently appearing in the news, Football players at Northwestern University have been in the process of forming a players’ labor union. These players are claiming they are employees for the university. The argument states that revenues are earned for the school because of the effort football players put on the field, much like in the National Football League. The only difference is that players in the NFL are being compensated for their efforts. Also, they claim that the many hours spent in training or games is deserving of some form of payment. However, the NCAA is claiming that these athletes are at universities for the education not the athletics. Furthermore, when referring to the NCAA website, the 20 hour rule is in place to keep the focus on school. In short, this rule puts a limit, of twenty hours, on the amount of time athletes can allocate towards their sport. Conversely the USA Today article, College Athletes are full time Workers, states that athletes spend on the upwards of 40 hours a week towards their sports, leaving little time for education or a job. With little time left to work, college football players feel not enough money is given to them to cover living expenses. According to the USA today article, Athletics Cost Colleges, division I schools spend on average 6.7 times as much money per student athlete than they do on regular students. In contrast, schools that do

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