College Football Argumentative Essay

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Guided Argument Essay College Football Started their Lives Football has been around for years, originating in the time during America’s reconstruction after the civil war, the late 19th century. College football is American football played by teams of student athletes fielded by American universities. The first game ever played of college football was played by Harvard University and Tufts University. Those universities started football as a way to teach how to be a team player and responsibility, and since then to today, it has. College football is important to the athletes, the students, and the university, and should not be banned. It allows the athletes the opportunity to get a college education, but more importantly for the athletes who never considered college at all. While striving towards a college degree, the sport also helps the athletes to have a better life, learn responsibility, discipline, and in a team-based environment, aiming for one common goal while playing a game that they love; the game that started the rest of their lives. The team also unifies the…show more content…
As the students buy tickets and merchandise and continue to cheer for their team, there is a constant income of money, and with this comes the need for jobs. Many jobs such as coaches, trainers, athletic administrators, media relations, merchandise sales, restaurants, hotels, stadium employees, and referees, all come from and benefit from the game of college football. Along with the income of the games, there are some donors that only put money towards athletics. Overall, for the sake of the university, college football should not be banned. If something as simple as a sports team can have such a significant impact on an entire university, how can the bad ever out weigh the

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