The Pros And Cons Of Student Athletes Paid

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Jim Marchbank MNGT 5000 9 December 2013 Term Paper INTRO: The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is at a defining moment in their existence. There has never been more momentum or need for the idea that student athletes should be properly compensated. There are many sides to this argument but it seems they are growing closer after years of both sides stubbornly digging in their heels and adamantly saying “no” while barely entertaining thoughts of the opposing side. There is too much money being made because of student athletes for universities to not take a closer look at the idea of compensating student athletes more fairly THESIS: Student athletes are undercompensated for the amount of money that they help universities…show more content…
If so where does the money come from? Does a school’s football program clear enough money to pay the other athletes as well, and should they be required to? These are all tough questions that the NCAA is trying to find answers to. The only question I can answer is: does something need to be done with all of this? The answer is yes, and a firm yes at that, here is why. There is a cliché idea out there that college students are poor. From what I have seen this is true. There is another stereotype out there that college students are generally lazy. This is not true from my experience. At Florida Institute of Technology and Webster University I was a student athlete, pitched on the baseball team and was successful on the field in my 4 years and that was all because I put in the time to improve my skills. This does not simply come by showing up at the field at 3:00 pm and lazily shagging some flyballs and playing a little catch. I believe that there is a direct connection between input and output in every phase of life. If I put enough time into my classes I will likely do well in them. If I put in enough effort, determination, and will into pitching I will become a better pitcher. If I put solid nutritional food into my body, it will reward me with good health. If I put grit and determination into my workouts, I will become stronger. The concept is not hard to grasp. But all of this takes either time or money and sometimes both. Living away from home is expensive. My family is blessed enough to support me while I was in school but not everyone is so fortunate. Some of my teammates work part time jobs, participate in work-study programs, or take out loans just to be able to wear a uniform with the universities name of the front and represent it on a field of play. This is not uncommon but it does come at a price. Usually at the expense of sleep, study time, or a lack of a social life and mental

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