Baseball Is My Life

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Baseball is a sport that has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a young boy. I’ve been playing baseball for many years, I started playing T-Ball when I was five years old and that sparked my interest for the game of baseball. My first year of baseball my dad was my coach and really pushed me to be the greatest player I could be, because of my dads encouragement I progressed extremely fast and my skill level was far above other kids of my age. So my dad had than placed me in a league with seven and eight year old, in this league baseball became serious. I had to prove my skills to my new coaches because I was smaller than the rest of the kids and didn’t have the same knowledge or experience they did. After try-outs my new coach had approached my dad and told him that they where very excited to have me on there team, and with time and practice my skill would improve even more. The hardest part of playing with the older kids was that I was no longer hitting a ball of the T, but now the kids where the pitchers. Even after practice 4 days a week my dad would take me to the park and throw, what seemed like a hundred baseballs, to me and I would practice my hitting. It didn’t take long for my hand-eye coordination to develop and hitting a baseball thrown at me was no longer a problem. Our first game was here and I was the lead off hitter because I was small, fast and had no problem hitting the ball. Once again everyone was impressed with my abilities at such a young age. Threw out the season my skills continued to progress with the help of my team and my dad at home. As the regular season came to an end our team was the second seed out of 8 teams in the playoffs. At such a young age I didn’t quite understand what playoffs were, but I knew that they were important so I continued to play my heart out. My team continued to win games and we ended up in the
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