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Analysis Baseball players come in many shapes and sizes but all of them are important when it comes to winning a ball game. Each position is key for the team to be able to function. It’s like a machine- if one part doesn't, work the whole machine isn't going to work. Outfielders must have a strong throwing arm in order to throw a runner out heading for home, while middle infielders , second base and short stop, have to have agility to turn a double play. Skill, position, and heart is what a good baseball player is all about. Whether one is a catcher, outfielder or any other position skill is needed. If a player doesn't have the amount of skill needed to play his position then he may be riding the bench for the rest of the season. Skill…show more content…
All nine positions play a role in getting the three outs needed to end each inning. For instance, the catcher has to throw base runners out when stealing, the first and third basemen must be ready for the bunt or a line drive hit towards them, and the outfielders have to be able to cover a great amount of ground for a fly ball. Every position is essentila. If a puzzle piece is missing,the puzzle goes unfinished. Like every sport there is a process that must be taken to become pro. Baseball for example, goes from college to single A, then double A then triple A, and if the player is good enough,major league baseball. Sound hard? Well, only about 3% of all players drafted will play at least once in the MLB. But this fact doesn't discourage the thousands that try to make it. Even players from other countries come to the MLB to play with the pros. Baseball players always say once they get to the pros they want more. They want a world series title for their team which is something only a few get to experience. There are many variable needed in the equation to making a good ball player. Above everything, you have to love the

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