My Journey to Become a College Softball Player

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My Journey to become a College Softball player Raegan Nunez 09/30/2012 3rd Period Honors English--Descriptive Essay Mr. Cornutt I love the thrill of standing at home plate, waiting for the pitcher to release the ball because in those few seconds I get to decide how, if and when to swing my bat. My dad signed me up for softball when I was only about seven or eight years old. I had watched the women’s college softball world series and Arizona State University took the title. It was the most exciting thing I had ever seen and I decided that I wanted to be just like those girls when I grew up. There have been many hours of hard work, travel and money spent on my training and I’m grateful for the opportunity provided to me as such a little girl with a big dream. Today I’m still playing softball and I’ve come a long way on my journey to becoming a college athlete. I’m only fourteen, but have many years ahead of me to become the athlete I need to be. One day I will play for the University of Arizona or the University of Alabama but until then, I will continue to work hard, play well and just train for the day that my dream will come true. When I younger, I remember playing outside in the sunshine, riding my bike, or jumping on the trampoline but what stands out the most to me was the day my dad took me to sign up for the local little league softball team. I was jumping up and down the moment I received my first jersey with my own number. I had chosen number nine after a player I had seen on T.V in the women’s college softball world series. I didn’t know her name at the time, but she played 3rd base and that’s exactly where I thought I wanted to be on the field. Her name was Bianca Cruz and she was an Arizona State Sun Devil. Halfway through my first little league season, one of my team-mates became

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