The Effects of Playing Softball

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Running Head: THE EFFECTS OF PLAYIBNG SOFTBALL The Effects of Playing Softball Adrianna Lohr Marion Technical College The Effects of Playing Softball Softball is a sport like no other, and played by people at all ages. Created by men, but played by women, softball is a very versatile sport. It brings people together and brings out the competitive nature in people of all ages. There are some downfalls to playing softball, but if the game is played right there are many great things that come from playing this wonderful sport that has been around for over a hundred years. Believe it or not softball has not always been a sport designed for women. It actually started around Thanksgiving in the late 1800’s when alumni from Yale and Harvard got excited about the results from a Harvard-Yale football game. Angered because Yale had lost, an alumnus picked up an old boxing glove and chucked it towards the other side of the room. A Harvard fan saw the glove flying across the room and attempted to hit it in midair with a stick back at the Yale supporter. From that event George Hancock had an idea to start an indoor version of baseball. Being the first two teams to play a game, the Yale and Harvard Alumni became a part of history. In 1889 Hancock come up with a specific set of rules for this Mid-Winter Indoor Baseball sport and it started to catch on in cities other than Chicago. Softball spread nationally because it became a popular downtime sport for firefighters. The sport soon gained many nicknames such as “Kitten Ball,” “Mush Ball,” “Diamond Ball,” and “Pumpkin Ball.” The early 1900’s is when the term softball finally came about by the Denver YMCA official, Walter Hakanson. 1934 is when the name became official and the Amateur Softball Association was created. A national tournament of 55 teams was held at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago. About 70,000 people
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