How to Play Baseball

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How to Play Baseball If you live in the United States, it is probably a good idea that you understand America’s pastime. What is America’s pastime you ask? America’s pastime is the great game of baseball, promptly named after it’s prominence in 19th and 20th century American history, as well as today. The origin of organized baseball can be traced to the early 1840’s, but the first official league was made in 1876. Baseball has been my favorite sport since the age of 5, and even though I no longer play it is still one of my passions and hobbies. Over my 12 years of playing and 4 years of umpiring, I have come to have a pretty extensive knowledge of the game. I also interviewed the former Texas Longhorn, national champion, and minor leaguer Steve Labay, who had been my instructor and coach for 3 years. For starters, it is critical you have the right equipment to play baseball. Most important is your glove, or also known as mitt. It is worn on the hand opposite of your dominant hand (the hand you throw with). This is used on defense, while your team is in the field. A glove is used to field ground balls, catch fly balls and live drives, and to catch throws from other teammates. These gloves can come in different sizes, depending on what position you play in the field. “Having the correct type of glove is very critical in baseball. Infielders typically use smaller gloves so they can transfer the ball from the glove to their hand more quickly so they have a higher chance of making a play. On the other hand, outfielders usually wear bigger gloves so they have a larger range to catch balls in the air. Catchers and first basemen have their own unique gloves with more padding to protect their hands from fast throws” (Labay). Another important piece of equipment is a bat. A bat is used when your team is on offense while your team is hitting. The best sized bat is
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