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Illustration Essay English 101 Softball Heroes I am what you could call a sports “fanatic.” I love sports in general, no matter what it is or who is playing. Well that all changed when I decided to get a job at the local adult softball fields. I figured it was just normal adults out there having a good time. Though, I was completely wrong. I saw things I couldn’t believe adults would do. I came to the conclusion that there are three different types of softball players; the soon to be pro athlete, the forty year old teenager, and the family guy. The type of people I saw most playing at the softball fields were the “soon to be pro athlete.” These were the ones that would show up in their top notch expensive uniforms for a game of underhand slow pitch softball. They would have ten different types of bats as if there were ten different kinds of pitches. They showed up an hour early to warm up and take batting practice as if it is needed for middle aged slow pitch softball. They are the type that after they get a hit or home run, they jog slowly around the bases with their head held high acting like somebody cares about them. After the games they are the ones that are talking like they are a few good games away from getting that big call from the Yankees. The soon to be pro irritates me the most. Also wandering around the fields is the forty year old teenager. They, a lot like the soon to be pro, are very cocky. Though, there are some differences that set them apart. The forty year old teenagers tend to be more wild and annoying. They are the ones that have to win the game, even if everyone else on both teams do not care who wins. They could be considered the more “hyper” ones. They also tend to take the game very seriously. I think it just makes them feel like a teenager again, that’s why I give them that name. The final guy from the

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