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The most historically important sports figure in my eyes is Lou Gehrig. I believe Gehrig is so important in history because he was an amazing baseball player with 493 homeruns. Lou Gehrig delivered what is now known as sports' most famous speech. Suffering from the symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), he died less than two years later at the age of 37. Today, Gehrig remains an inspiration, representing fortitude, humility and courage to the tens of thousands of Americans living with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Lou Gehrig was famous for being a Hall of Fame 1st baseman (baseball of course). Gehrig started playing baseball in college and soon after a New York Yankees scout came out to watch Gehrig play. After numerous games, he got into…show more content…
Gehrig has struggled through Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis yet still played baseball until he couldn’t handle it anymore. He has taught me that if you love doing something you don’t have to let anything stop you. Gehrig is a huge inspiration to me, my family and many other Americans. He has so much potential and he is brave and big hearted. I love him so much and look up to him. Let’s face it, he is gorgeous too. If I was able to take this man out to dinner (probably to Taco Bell) I would ask him what it was like to suffer from ALS. Hopefully I would get an interesting story. I would also ask him if he didn’t have ALS where he think he’d be. It would be hard to ask questions to someone like him, in my opinion because of his situation. You wouldn’t want to ask the wrong thing and make someone like him mad or something like that. In conclusion, Lou Gehrig was an all time baseball player, he had the looks, he had over 400 home runs but also he had a disease which was later named after him. People now still suffer from this disease and Gehrig still remains a legend. He will forever be in our hearts. From playing baseball for college to playing baseball for the New York Yankees. He has gone so far with his life and its sad that his life was taken by a

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