Derek Jeter - a True Hero

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Derek Jeter – A True Hero "He'd been summoned by the baseball gods; to carry the torch, to help save the team and the stadium and maybe even the game of baseball itself. He is a true hero." (5) - Peter Richmond in GQ Magazine (September 1998) on Derek Jeter. Webster's Dictionary defines the word “hero” as a man of distinguished courage or ability; admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Derek Jeter is a man who symbolizes that very definition by his attitude and work ethic, his actions on and off the field, and the impact that he has created and left on Major League Baseball (MLB). Jeter has defined the New York Yankees for the past 17 years in which he has been on their roster. He has functioned in the “what have you done for me lately” city of New York and met the city's standards for more than decade, yet he has none of the bruising and scars that are typically part of playing in New York. What he does have is a handful of World Series rings, a Hall of Fame résumé, the respect and admiration of even his baseball enemies, and an attitude towards the game of baseball that will forever be a part of Derek Jeter's legacy. Derek Sanderson Jeter was born June 26, 1974 in Pequannock, New Jersey. The first of two kids—he has a sister, Sharlee - Derek grew up in a sports-crazy home. His parents, Dorothy and Charles, named Derek after his grandfather, Sanderson Charles Jeter. Charles was an alcohol- and drug-abuse counsellor. Dorothy worked as an accountant. Detroit was only a couple of hours away from Pequannock, so Charles often took Derek to Detroit Tigers baseball games. Derek, however, never changed his baseball allegiance. He loved the New York Yankees. Derek often times had relatives come and visit him in Pequannock, and Derek always pictured himself in pinstripes as he played with his friends and visiting cousins. Derek adored baseball. He

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