Descriptive Essay: The Braves

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There is one place on Earth that I love to be at more than most. To me, Busch Stadium is one of the best places in the world to be at. It’s no surprise that I am an immense sports fan and, more specifically, a St. Louis Cardinals fan. In life, you should have at least one hobby that you can turn to when you want some alone time. Mine just happens to be sports, watching them and playing them. The Cardinals are one of the best organizations in Major League Baseball history and there are many reasons why. The history of the organization, the way the organization is operated and the players are just a few aspects that you can look at. I am an overall sports fan and always have been. March 28, 1992 will always be remembered for Christian Laettner’s game winning shot against…show more content…
The food is the best, and the fans are great to mingle with. I have been very fortunate in the last few years to be at many regular season games, two playoff games and the home run derby during the all-star break. I have also collected many autographs from former MVP’s and Cy Young award winners before the games. There is nothing else like a postseason playoff game at Busch Stadium. There is an electric feeling in the air as soon as you get out of your car in the parking lot. When the game starts, the fans are going crazy from the first pitch. There is nothing more exciting than waving the rally towel in the air as the Cardinals get the final out. My favorite days are the days that I am privileged enough to go to Busch Stadium and watch a baseball game. The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the best franchises in all of baseball and I have always been a huge fan. The history of the Cardinals is continuous, and spectacular. The list of great baseball players that have come through St. Louis is amazing and the teams are even greater. I consider the Cardinals organization and myself as one. I am privileged to call myself a fan of such a great

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